Loan & Credit Card Payment Relief Request Form

Use the form below to request a temporary reduction on payments or short-term payment deferrals for existing BECU loans or revolving credit. Eligible loans include home equity, auto, boat, RV, credit cards, lines of credit and personal loans.

This form is not used to request assistance for business accounts, student loans or mortgages.

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We're working hard to process your submission as soon as possible. Due to high volume, processing times are currently taking 5 - 7 calendar days. Thank you for your patience.

Please note: Submission of this application does not guarantee approval.

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You can find your account number in Online Banking or the mobile app.

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Hardship Details

Please provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing to help us process requests. Our Specialists review this information in addition to your loan details to help determine the right relief option to best meet your needs.

Business members: Existing business members can request payment suspension on credit cards, vehicle loans, unsecured term loans and lines of credit. Modifications are also available on existing commercial real estate loans. To request assistance, please call 800-233-2328 ext. 5140.